[Oberon] font-family for a source.

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> From hklaver at dds.nl  Tue Jul 25 01:44:12 2017
> > The latter styles are used in two excellent books: The Oberon
> System
> > by Martin Reiser and Object-Oriented Programming in Oberon-2 by
> > Hanspeter M?ssenb?ck. These books are the two best typeset Oberon
> > books there are (imho).
> My copies aren't at hand.  Those sources are set in a serif font?
> Times or similar?

The Document Properties of the PDF file for Object-Oriented Programming in
Oberon-2 lists the following fonts:

ArialMT, Helvetica, Palatino, SymbolMT, Times, Times-Roman, TimesNewRoman
and ZapfDingbats.


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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