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Read what NW wrote recently:

20170528 - Oberon0 - Compiler Construction To the Oberon0 compiler in the
book Compiler Construction is attached an elulator for RISC5. Since now an
efficient emulator is available, and also a hardware RISC5 on an FPGA
board, it no longer makes sense to run a RISC-emulator on a RISC processor.
I have therefore changed the compiler to generate code in the format of the
regular Oberon loader. The language Oberon0 (subset of Oberon) remains
unchanged, except for some I/O predefined procedures. Changes are printed
in red in the book. OSP.Mod, OSG.Mod, OSS.Mod, TestOberon0.Mod


Pablo Cayuela
El oct. 1, 2017 10:37, "Skulski, Wojciech" <skulski at pas.rochester.edu>

>  Andreas Pirklbauer [andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com] wrote:
> > one thing I did *not* want to do: extend the language itself.
> Resuscitate, rather than extend. (Wording is a matter of *my* taste.)
> IMHO, it would be beneficial to make the language more powerful and more
> useful. All the features discussed in this thread were once present, being
> used, and found very useful in the real production.
> If there is a question whether the resuscitated/extended compiler can run
> in 1 meg of RAM, then perhaps we need two languages running on the same run
> time core which is IMHO outstanding. The smaller compiler could fit into 1
> meg, while the larger compiler would need more megs. The smaller one can be
> used for teaching, while the larger one would be more productive in real
> development.
> Please note that NW defined Oberon-0, wrote a book, and made a compiler
> for it. He did this for teaching. Even he himself did not argue that
> Oberon-0 is a production language. We can take his own approach. Let
> Oberon-0 be geared for undergraduate courses, Oberon-07 for more advanced
> courses as well as some limited production, and let Oberon-2 and Component
> Pascal be available for serious work.
> Just my two zlotys.
> W.
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