[Oberon] Clarifying type compatibility in Oberon-07

Diego Sardina dsar at eml.cc
Thu Oct 5 04:09:41 CEST 2017

> One of the reason for this decision was that > type inclusion was
> considered a bad idea to > start with. It requires the compiler to
> insert > hidden type conversions (type casts), which may > not always
> be obvious to the programmer or reader > of a piece of code. Hidden
> mechanisms generally > are not in the spirit of Oberon. In Oberon-07
> *all* > type casts must be explicitly programmed. [...] > I would
> therefore plead to simply drop type inclusion > altogether from the
> language  The goal of type inclusion was to write generic code, a math
> module written for LONGREAL also works for SHORTINT. Oberon-07 solved
> this by reducing the number of types, but in the case of N basic types
> you need to write N modules.   -- Diego Sardina
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