[Oberon] RISC-5 and memory

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> Magnus can make Pepino with 2MB. Pipistrello has 64 MB, but it does
> not run Oberon. Running Oberon on Pipistrello should be possible
> after merging the Oberon HDL with the memory interface. Pipistrello
> has the HDMI output, though it needs to run through the HDMI core. So
> here is another core to be interfaced.

Project Oberon already runs well on the Pipistrello using HDMI video but
instead of the 64MB of onboard DRAM it uses an add-on 1 or 2Mb SRAM board
(the 'Oberon Wing' which also includes the two required PS/2 sockets):


Chris Burrows
CFB Software


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