[Oberon] Basic ScreenSize & Resolution re. Gadget/Font-size?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 23:38:24 CEST 2017

Apparently my explanation was bad:

> What if Debian is installed on a hdd?

Before my PC was stolen, LEO ran from a hdd for years with good FontSize.
Now I have a laptop with a 1368x768 display -according to Deb7.
Since M$ has place a partition at the hdd END, we can no longer easily use
the tail of the hdd for non-M$ partitions/installations.
Previously, all my M$ disks became M$-disabled.
Now i don't want to lose 3G-dongle and WiFi connectivity via M$'s monopoly.
Although Linux-TinyCore64bit which is WiFi capable has become my main
system.; where surprisingly LNO (32bit) runs with a nice font size.
But LNO can't easly access any/all files in the SATA/IDE/USB tree
directly, like LEO can. Nor has any ETHO system got LEO's ability to to
run any/all <selected comnd lines> by just klik "System.Execute ^".
Eg. the SERIOUS NEGLECT of ETHO's inability to list file contents, ordered
by recentcy, is partly solved by selecting "ls -lt /usrlocal/sbin" to find the
name of that script that you wrote a few days ago.

> Not sure if of help, Debian-live can be put on USB stick and booted
> from there, most of the system is cached into RAM, it will not touch
> the existing system nor the HDD.

I'm running Deb7 from a USBstik now, as I also do TinyCore64....etc.

>You can choose to boot into console mode or into desktop system of
> your choice.

I've got a USB to 4-port-USB with the ability to USBtoSATAorIDE.
>From the Deb7 DVD,I've made MULTIPLE USBpartition installations.
Since the laptop is "native" Win8.1 64bit, I had some confusion about needing
to install only 64bit installations; which was later seen to be not true.

IMO the operating from USB or hdd etc is irrelevant to the font-size problem.

I'm comparing 2 setups:-------

1: DVD:grapicRescueMode -> ash/busybodyShell \
                                   common to 1. and 2 -------------->
Call LEO using the same Dir.Tree
2.Boot Deb7 USBstik with assumed good 486kern/

So, only the possible difference in setups 1 & 2 *BEFORE* the configuration
common to 1 & 2 needs to be considered ?

== CRGlur.

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