[Oberon] FPGA - Boot over serial line

Paul Reed paulreed at paddedcell.com
Wed Oct 18 23:58:39 CEST 2017

> prom.bmm file content:
> ADDRESS_SPACE prom RAMB16 [0x00000000:0x000007FF]
>      riscx_PM/Mram_mem [31:0] PLACED = X0Y22;
> The PLACED part must match the actual BRAM used.
> command:
> data2mem -bm prom.bmm -bt ISE/risc5top.bit -bd prom.mem -o b new.bit

Thanks Magnus!

I was just about to install ISE (ie, clear off some disk space to install
ISE!) in order to find out what Tomas' ROM would be named.

If that .bmm file works, you can drop the "PLACED =" clause and add some
command-line options to the project:

To "Other Ngdbuild Command Line Options" in ISE Translate properties,
add  "-bm prom.bmm" (advanced property)

To "Other Bitgen Command Line Options" in ISE Generate Programming file
add "-bd prom.mem" (advanced property)

Then after one rebuild you can subsequently just just re-run "Generate
Programming File" to pick up a new prom.mem version (or, as you say, run
data2mem, but use the generated prom_bd.bmm file which will contain the
"PLACED =" attribute).


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