[Oberon] Oberon RISC Emulator --set-switches option?

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 2 13:28:29 CET 2017

The Oberon RISC Emulator on


currently offers the --boot-from-serial option which sets switch #0 by calling risc_set_switches(1) - the value of 1 stands for bit 0.

It would be nice to have an option that allows one to ALSO set switch #1 (which is used by Oberon0 to decide whether Oberon0 should automatically load module Oberon and therefore the entire Oberon system (if switch #1 = 0) or only run the Oberon0 command interpreter on the bare metal (switch #1 = 1)

Any objections to adding it?

It could be something like


or, more generally,

--set-set-switches value

It's a one line change. I have it in, and it allows me to test all possible boot options outlined in ch.14 of the book Project Oberon.

PS: --boot-from-serial and --boot-full-oberon should of course be addiditive (i.e. both bits set)

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