[Oberon] Windows Linz V4 white on black

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Sun Nov 5 03:03:22 CET 2017


  thank you! Colors.Normal switched to white-on-black. I wanted to do it because comments in my 20-year old V4 software are written in colors which are poorly visible against white background.

> What version does it display in the System.Log?

Oberon for WindowsTM  V4.0-2.3 on Windows NT 5.1
I downloaded V4 directly from Linz. I am running it under Windows XP SP 3.

The same V4 has problems on Windows 10 on my laptop. Some popup menus trap. I have not chased this bug yet.

> ETH Plugin Oberon for Windows

Is it not System-3? Also, what is "plugin"? I remember they released System-3 running inside Netscape, but Netscape has been long gone. So how does this plugin run? 

Thank you,

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>   does anyone know how to switch Windows Linz V4 from black font on
> white background to the opposite, white fonts on the black?

Execute the command Colors.Normal or Colors.Inverse to switch it back.

> I also have a small (?) problem to solve that my color palette, which
> worked under Linux Linz V4 twenty years ago, is all monochrome now
> under Windows Linz V4.

What version does it display in the System.Log?

I'm running it in colour on Windows 10 and it reports:

   "Oberon for Windows (TM) V4.0-2.3 on Windows NT 6.2"

> Also I am wondering if anyone on this list is still using Linz V4, or
> has it been forgotten?

I haven't forgotten it but I rarely use it. On the occasions I use Oberon on
Windows the version I use is ETH Plugin Oberon for Windows (TM) / Win32 2.5

Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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