[Oberon] Windows Linz V4 white on black

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Sun Nov 5 22:00:05 CET 2017

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> > ETH Plugin Oberon for Windows
> Is it not System-3? 

Yes. 'System 3' was renamed to 'ETH Oberon'. I use it because it includes
fixes to Win32.Threads and Win32.Kernel that, as far as I recall, were
released in 2010 to fix problems on more recent versions of Windows. 

Also, what is "plugin"? I remember they released
> System-3 running inside Netscape, but Netscape has been long gone. So
> how does this plugin run?

It is not a plugin itself - it is just Oberon hosted under Windows. As far
as I can see, the 'plugin' part of the name simply refers to an additional
development capability that it has that enables you to write DLLs that can
be used as 'browser plugins' to extend the functionality of a web browser.
Chris Burrows

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