[Oberon] How to write A2 ISO to USB

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 12:45:53 CET 2017

I've been experimenting with the PC version of A2/AOS/Bluebottle. Not
sure what to call it!

There's an ISO on the Sourceforge page here:


This boots and runs fine under VirtualBox and I can install it to a
virtual hard disk and experiment.

But I want to install it on bare metal on an old laptop. However, I
can't write the ISO to USB. I've tried using the Mac disk utility,
using Rufus and other tools on Windows, and using ``dd'' on Linux.

It writes fine but the result won't boot.

None of my machines have floppy drives now, so using a boot floppy is
not an option.

Any hints or pointers?

Failing that, is there a DOS-hosted AOS anywhere? The target machine
has a working PC DOS 7 partition (and currently dual-boots Haiku and
Devuan; I'm hoping to add AROS and eComStation to this, too).

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