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Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 06:20:18 CET 2017

> Andreas: I second your observation. Twenty years ago I used a three-button mouse
> with Oberon. It quickly became my second nature. But now the scroll wheel can
> hardly serve the role. Yes, I can push it. But it does not have the same look
> and feel as the real three button mouse used to have. 

When I first released EO on Ceres around 1990, I actually used the middle mouse
for continuous line scrolling. But then an entire debate started at ETH on whether
TWO or THREE button mice are better (oh my!!).

That discussion is now mute of course. Some people still think 3-button mice are
best. That may be true for professional users, but the learning curve of all these
“interclicking" combinations is just too steep for the *average* user (and it
doesn’t pass the grandma test.. always a show stopper for me). The very fact that
a “user manual”for that even exists should point to the issue. EO does away with it. 

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