[Oberon] ETH Oberon Projects and Applications available

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 09:51:37 CET 2017

>In the System7.txt I read: "In Wirth's System 7, he has Real Time tasks (bound to >interrupts)..."

>Wow! Wirth's System Seven! It seems extremely interesting for a possible real time >application.  I did not know it existed.

Yes but AFAIK, the great HumanComputerInterface that we get with eg. Sys3 & 4
depends on a garbage-collected system, which doesn't fit with interrupt-driven?

Re. not losing our valuable work/documentation of Oberon's previous efforts:
remember Peter Muller's post that asked if/who wanted to take/archive his
previous ETHO files? I particularly appreciate his Partitions.Mod
which gave better
essential info and control than any *nix utilities that I've seen.
Of course, with M$pook, you can't [not supposed to] look down to the byte-level
of disks.  ------------------

> The graphical layer is impressive. .. It looks like a great repository of solutions.
> The look-and-feel of Ants is sufficiently good for such ...

I disapprove of this now common <it feels good> description. Since I can't find
a good explanation of how/why Haskell/ML are more productive languages;
it's just "try it, it tastes nice".
Yes, we engineers, scientist are not psychologists/artists, but we should TRY
to reach through the subjective, to give concrete objective inferences. Eg.
  "When the task needs the comparing of the contents of 5 text-files, with a
second-level of <association mapping>; no system IMO, beats ETHO with its
multiple simultaneously visible frames [avoid out-of-sight/out-of-mind] PLUS
the ability to effortlessly color-mark any text in any frame, thereby enabling
immediate association between the same-colored texts in the different frames.

Auto SyntaxColoring reduces the need for expensively aquired fluency.
Think traffic lights?

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