[Oberon] Oberon system building tools (including Oberon0.Mod)

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Sat Dec 2 03:49:31 CET 2017

After reading through all these mouse discussions, and realizing that Oberon-wise the modern mice are inferior to the old three button mice, I would ask: how about introducing the Commanders? BlackBox guys have solved this problem. They moved away from interclicks and other such stuff. The command is executed by pressing the Commander, which is an Active Element that can be placed in any Text.

This of course depends on Elements being available, which in turn implies that Clemens Szyperski's design has been implemented. It is the case under both V4 and S3, but probably not under EO or Wirth's System 5. These two latter Systems will have to rely on the Traditional Oberon Mouse (TOM).

On this occasion I am introducing TOM. The Classic Oberon System (COS) = TUI + TOM. Easy to remember. Please add the terms COS and TOM to the Oberon Glossary (OG).


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