[Oberon] Project Oberon color

Peter Matthias PeterMatthias at web.de
Sat Dec 9 10:11:42 CET 2017

Am 09.12.2017 um 04:27 schrieb Jörg Straube:

> I enhanced NWs original PO on FPGA from B/W to 16 indexed colors (by 
> changing Verilog source and Display.Mod)

Is the source of Display.Mod available?

 > If yo really want TextFrames to work with B/W and color, you have to
 > detect the nbr of colors from Display and set the mode accordingly.

I just want to port the system without touching many higher level modules.

> and initialized the color table 
> with these Master Color Values: (table 1)
> http://www.gno.org/pub/apple2/doc/apple/technotes/iigs/tn.iigs.063

Thanks. As someone already uses this definition, it makes sense for me 
to use the same.
Than I suppose white is defined as 0FH? I think best definition would be 
-1. However I am kind of reluctant to change the interface.

>> Frankly, I am absolutely fascinated by the compiler but less exited by 
>> the System. Sometimes I really wonder that it works at all.
> The fascinating bit of the Oberon System is that it is so small: A 
> working OS <111 kB (without compiler)
>> From Texts.Load:
>> q.voff := ASR(LSL(bt, -24), 24);

I suppose this came from porting to Oberon-07 and was
q.voff := ASH(SYSTEM.LSH(bt, 24), -24) before.

As some code obviosly is not needed, it could even be smaller ;-)


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