[Oberon] Updated RiskFive FOM schematics

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Tue Jan 16 17:21:14 CET 2018

Hello Wojciech,

>   I added a pin connector for plugging in the NRF24L01 wireless module 
> into the FPGA On Module (FOM). The updated schematics is available on 
> the Schematics page on RiskFive.com. The schematics is posted for 
> review.


These days, my first concerns with any new electronic machine is 
reliability and repairability.  Too many gadgets are built with poor 
quality, barely in spec. components, surface mounted.  After a few 
years a board fails.  There is no straigthforward way to identify the 
failed component.  Replacing a surface mount component is tedious and 
error prone.  Replacing a many-pin device just to find whether it is 
faulty is too time consuming.  

Conclusion: a board with components mounted in sockets and through 
hole soldered would have much more appeal than fragile components 
surface mounted.  Perhaps simply not feasible in our world and I 
should forget modern electronics.  No offense intended.  Just an frank 

Best Regards                ... Peter E.

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