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Both systems are operating systems. That they are programmed in Oberon (instead of C) is just a proof that Oberon is not only a high level application language but can also be used to code an operating systems where you have to write low layer HW drivers with register access and so on.

The differences are in the GUI and in the APIs you have to call to write an application.
It's like Android and macOS. Obviously, you can program your application on both OSes, but your application code looks different as you have to follow the APIs of the underlying operating system.

The same with S3 and V4. If you write applications (in Oberon) on top of those OSes, you have to call the corresponding APIs of either S3 and V4. The crux is: they are very similar, but unfortunately not identical.
So, it is possible to write simple programs running on both OSes without touching the source code. But if your application needs interaction with a GUI, the differences of both systems become more visible.


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Dear All,

Excuse me if this question is silly.

How can we differentiate V4 from S3?
I mean, what are the characterizing differences between these two systems?
In other words, on top of NW's Oberon, what made it to grow as S3, and
what made it to grow as V4?

Kindly let me know this in simple words.

With thanks and best regards,

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On 1/30/18, Skulski, Wojciech <skulski at pas.rochester.edu> wrote:
> Joerg:
>   do not you think that V4 and S3 can coexist on top of the same lower level
> layer? You could possibly launch either one or the other, or perhaps even
> both, though it would make little sense.
> Merging the two could possibly end the rift which was dividing the community
> for reasons which were hard to grasp from a distance.
> W.

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