[Oberon] Re (2): Software Tracking Project

Treutwein Bernhard Bernhard.Treutwein at Verwaltung.Uni-Muenchen.DE
Wed Jan 31 10:01:32 CET 2018

>> Aim to incorporate the best of S3 and V4 into V5?

I think it would be worth any effort

>V5 was an (in)official name of the 2013 FPGA Oberon System.

the name is not too important.

Several good points have been raised in the discussion, but
Imho, the comparison to Linux fails. It is more like the
KDE/Gnome concurrency, but with the addition that
S3 changed the kernel system calls (persistent object
support implemented in the kernel) whereas V4 extended
for the same purpose the character set. The split KDE/Gnome
is on a higher level but would have been similar, if Qt not 
only introduced an object/message handling layer in C 
but would have implemented the support for it in the 
Linux kernel.

BTW, Ivan Denisovs nice diagram (thanks Chris) is a little bit 
misleading: S3 is a descendant of V2 and should be in 
parallel to V4. And more: S3 is is not a dead end (as it
appears in the diagram, but developed together with yet 
another Oberon language dialect (Active Oberon) into
AOS/BlueBottle/A2 ...

I  am not sure if V4 can run on top of the S3 kernel, but I think 
it is worth a try. 

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