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> > What is Fox?
> > To my knowledge it is the compiler in A2 and has cross platform
> > capability.  Seems Felix Friedrich is the principal architect.
> I searched for "Fox compiler" on Google. There are a bunch of
> different ones. None seems related to Oberon. The documentation of
> Oberon-related Fox does not seem to be available. If it is of any
> value then a set of PDF papers in some accessible place would be nice
> to have.

Google "systems on chip Felix Friedrich" and you'll find a number of
fascinating PDF papers describing the work that Felix has been doing
recently. Add "fpga' to the search terms if you want to narrow down the
results. The slides from the 'Workshop on System-on-Chip Design' presented
at National Chiao Tung University, Taipei, 21.-23.10.2013 is a good one for
an overview - particularly the sections on Math Oberon and Active Cells.

Also there is a list of his papers here:


However, don't expect to see the word 'fox' in any of this - that's a bit of
a red herring ...


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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