[Oberon] Intermediate scopes in Oberon-07

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 9 11:09:49 CET 2018

  > As far as I understand, in the latest version of the Oberon  > programming language no access to intermediate scopes is allowed.   > Haven't Niklaus Wirth updated the compiler accordingly or  > doesn't the disk image reflect the latest implementation  > of PO2013 or am I missing something else here?

Only access to intermediate *variables* has been restricted in theOberon-7 language revision. This eliminated the need for a staticlink in implementations.
Access to intermediate *constants* declared in the surrounding scopescontinues to be allowed in Oberon-7 (constants never used the staticlink anyway). See the guard (y.class # ORB.Const) in the last lineof procedure ORG.MakeItem. 
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