[Oberon] Oberon Digest, Vol 165, Issue 5

Артур Ефимов arturefimov at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 12:10:06 CET 2018

Andreas Pirklbauer wrote:
> However, if this is the line of argumentation, it is hard to see why
access to intermediate *variables* should be considered bad programming
practice, while access to intermediate *constants* or *types* should not.

But there actually is a difference between variables on one side and
constants and types on another side. The difference is that one can change
the value of a variable after it is defined, but once a constant or a type
is defined, it can not be changed, it simply does not have a value to
change. This does not however mean that a programmer can't change the type
declaration itself in some time in the future, but is it really a problem?
Changing a variable's value from an unexpected place in the program is a
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