[Oberon] A CASE quiz

Josef Templ josef.templ at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 14:10:51 CET 2018

Sorry, but for me this example is not convincing.

If you want to catch this kind of programming errors as early as possible,
you should
not allow any gaps at all but flag this as a compile time error.
Unfortunately, this may turn out to be inconvenient in other examples.
In addition, what if the programmer forgets to include the minimum or
maximum label?
It is not possible to catch all kinds of programming errors at compile time.

If you leave it to run-time checks, there is not much difference between
the versions.
SoundEx is typically used for a fuzzy search, i.e. searching for something
On an embedded target it may actually be better to have a poorly working
SoundEx function
than a trap. But this is of course SoundEx specific and debatable.

To summarize, I would not draw any general conclusions from this single
constructed example.

- Josef
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