[Oberon] A CASE quiz

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Mon Feb 19 12:07:11 CET 2018

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>   > The increase in size of the compiler sources is
>   > about 250 lines of code, i.e. an increase of 7%.
>   > ...
>   > Chris Burrows
> In the Oberon compiler for Oberon on Ceres, which targets the
> NS32000, the implementation is about 120 lines of code, (procedures
> Compiler.{CaseLabelList, StatSeq.CasePart}, OCH.{CaseIn, CaseOut}),
> and uses a straightforward method to construct the jump table in
> OCH.CaseOut (from lowest to highest bound).
> Difference between CISC and RISC or do you some special optimization
> not present in the Ceres implementation?

No - I just can't count properly :-(

I checked again and the numbers of additional lines in ORP and ORG together is actually 177. I would say this is comparable to the Ceres implementation. Any disparity could be explained by different formatting styles. 

Chris Burrows

CFB Software



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