[Oberon] Life without local procedures

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 23 14:23:16 CET 2018

  > Personal style: What I don't like with local procedures
  > is the following: As the local procedure(s) sit between
  > the variable declaration and the BEGIN, the local
  > variable declarations are so far away from
  > the BEGIN. I don't like to scroll…
  > Jörg

Agreed. And of course, if access to intermediate objects is
allowed, it gets even worse - as one (potentially) needs to
scroll to *all* intermediate levels as well. And that makes
for a lot of scrolling (which only EO handles well ;-)

But if access to intermediate objects is *consistently*
disallowed for *all* intermediate objects (i.e. not just
variables, but also constants and types), then at least
one is down to “only” two levels that one needs to
scroll to (strictly local, strictly global) - although the
described annoyance at the local level remains :-(

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