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> André Fischer's tutorial is linked both, in Wikipedia ... and 
> in the second paragraph of "Getting Started" of the Wikibook ... 

OK, good!  

There is a peculiarity that André's "Contents" are
   * Objective
   * Welcome to the Oberon Tutorial System!
   * Notation used for describing the syntax of commands
   * Bibliography
   * The tutorial package
   * What's next? 
whereas the actual contents are listed in 
under the heading
Welcome to the Oberon Tutorial System!
   * Compiler and Builder User's Guide
   * Browser and Watson User's Guide
   * Columbus User's Guide
   * Using Gadgets
Consequently a page such as "Using Gadgets" is easily missed.  =8~(   
I wonder whether he might rectify that.

Would a contents summary in wikibook ... #Getting_Started be acceptable?  

> And even more information can be found in the Oberon Companion.

Also good.  Appears that André created his pages after the Companion 
existed.  Therefore he would have incorported some improvements.

An obvious bigger concern is that at some point André will be fully 
retired and no longer revising his work.  Then, if the pages cease to 
be available from ETH, access will depend upon Wayback and similar 
archives. At least until copyright expires.  For Switzerland 70 pma. 

Subsequent publication will depend upon a copy surviving the copyright 
period.  A dicey situation.  We should hope the mood of Lady Luck is 
good during those decades.  Not a good way to manage critical 

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