[Oberon] Project Oberon / Linux

Peter Matthias PeterMatthias at web.de
Fri Mar 23 23:00:08 CET 2018

Hi Serge,

thank you for the information. Changed the size to 16K and clipped the 
reading of the keymap.


Am 23.03.2018 um 22:17 schrieb Serge Belyshev:
> Peter,
> Thank you for your amazing work!
> I noticed that keymap array size in POL.X11.Display0.Mod is too small --
> my X server returns keymap of 9880 bytes long, overwriting module code
> and making pol crash.  This happens when the X keymap was modified with
> setxkbmap or xmodmap.  Just increasing array size fixes the problem.
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