[Oberon] Completeness; Ceres.

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Thu May 3 22:37:32 CEST 2018

Hi Lyall

Contexts are meant to separate modules with a name in one Oberon OS from the module with same name in another Oberon OS.
The legacy Oberon OS gets the context „Oberon“ and the new Bluebottle/A2 OS (coded in the programming language Active Oberon, a dialect of Oberon) gets the context „A2“

Here a little bit of background of the introduction of contexts in the language Active Oberon. Contexts do not exist in the legacy programming language Oberon.

Basically it’s a SW thing.

Now, Ceres is a HW build at ETH where an Obern OS is running on. As contexts have someting to do with SW, but Ceres is a HW, I don’t see a reason to defne a new context for the Ceres HW.


> Am 03.05.2018 um 17:07 schrieb <peter at easthope.ca> <peter at easthope.ca>:
> Appears that Ceres was important enough and different 
> enough from later systems to have a context identifier.
> It would give the system the distinction it deserves 
> and allow unambiguous reference on the same basis as 
> later variants.
> Comments?  Suggestions?
> Ceres?
> CO?
> Something else?
> Thanks,                 Lyall E.
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