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> http://www.ocp.inf.ethz.ch/wiki/Documentation/Language?action=3Ddownload&upn=

One of the earlier details added to the Wikibook.

> The legacy Oberon OS gets the context âÄžOberonâÄœ and the new 
> Bluebottle/A2 OS (coded in the programming language Active Oberon, a 
> dialect of Oberon) gets the context âÄžA2âÄœ

Currently I'm using the Oberon subsystem in Guenter's LinuxA2 Generic.  
This is copied from Oberon.Texts.Mod .
MODULE Texts IN Oberon; (** portable *)	(*JG 23.8.94*)
    TextDesc* = RECORD (Objects.ObjDesc)
      len*: LONGINT;	(** Text consists of characters 0 to T.len - 1. *)
      obs: Objects.Library;	(* Library containing objects located in text. *)
      trailer: Piece;
      org: LONGINT; (*cache*)
      pce: Piece

So appears to be the Oberon context.

Martin Reiser's _The Oberon System_, page 139 has this.
  Text = POINTER TO TextDesc;
  TextDesc = RECORD
    len: LONGINT;
    notify: Notifier

That is Legacy Oberon or another?  Certainly not the Oberon context above.  

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