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> When you add new features to a programming language, you basically 
> create yet another Oberon dialect. You are free to do so, but only 
> those people using your modified compiler will be able to use it.


> The âÄžwritten prohibitionâÄœ you ask for are the so called language 
> reports, where the syntax and semantic of every Oberon language 
> (dialect) is defined. I know four different language reports: 
> Oberon, 

Report not publicly available in electronic form? 
> Oberon-2, 


> Active Oberon 


> and Oberon-07.


> The feature âÄžcontextâÄœ (I mean being able to use the reserved word 
> âÄžINâÄœ after the module name) is only defined in âÄžActive 
> OberonâÄœ.

OK.  Will work on the distinctions of language variant, system variant 
and context.  Hypothetically at least, context can be used formally, 
module IN context, and informally, module (* IN context *).  Also when 
IN is present, various responses from a compiler are possible.  
Recognize the context and proceed.  Fail to recognize the context and 
make an assumption. Fail to recognize the context and abort 

The objective of the Wikibook is to make Oberon systems more accessible 
and useable.  Unifying concepts are important.

Incidentally, the middle name Lyall avoids some ambiguity.

 Regards,                             ... Lyall E.

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