[Oberon] Module contexts in Original Oberon 2013

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Mon May 7 19:27:18 CEST 2018

Andreas wrote:

> For those who want to play around with "module contexts", 
> they are now also available in Original Oberon 2013:

How can I understand "Original Oberon 2013" and "now"? Now it is 2018. Your message is suggesting that you just implemented this feature, which is great. But this makes "Original Oberon 2013" neither original nor 2013. 

I am afraid that from now on we will have "original Original" and "modified Original", as well "original 2013" as well as "2018 version of 2013". It will be confusing. 

Also, how about the repositories? Which repository should become "the" repository to copy the files from?

How does this development relate to Experimental Oberon? 

Since we are planning the next step of the RiskFive (real soon now ;-) starting from the "latest greatest" Oberon sources, we will want to start from the "true latest greatest". Which are they? Original Original 2013, 2018 version of Original 2013, or Experimental Oberon?

You can imagine how we will hurt our project if start from the wrong "latest greatest". It is a very practical concern for us.

Thank you,

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