[Oberon] Module contexts in Original Oberon 2013

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Wed May 9 15:43:27 CEST 2018

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> Since we are planning the next step of the RiskFive (real soon now ;-
> ) starting from the "latest greatest" Oberon sources, we will want to
> start from the "true latest greatest". Which are they? Original
> Original 2013, 2018 version of Original 2013, or Experimental Oberon?
> You can imagine how we will hurt our project if start from the wrong
> "latest greatest". It is a very practical concern for us.

I recommend that you use the latest sources of Project Oberon 2013 from Prof
Wirth's page as the starting point to build your version of the system. They
were last updated on 23 Sep 2017. He has gone to great lengths to limit
changes to those which make the system more reliable rather than adding
'bells and whistles'. I would call this 'the current version of Project
Oberon' and only refer to 2013 if I wanted to distinguish it from the 1990's

Then you can start thinking about what features you need to add to make it
the 'greatest' system according to your requirements. 

Chris Burrows
CFB Software


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