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Chris Burrows chris at cfbsoftware.com
Sun May 13 01:48:23 CEST 2018

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> Hi,
> As part of my system recovery, I noticed I have newer versions of ORP
> and ORG to PO2013 web and git.
> MODULE ORP; (*N. Wirth 1.7.97 / 4.4.2017 MODULE ORS; (* NW 19.9.93 /
> 20.3.2017
> MODULE ORB;   (*NW 25.6.2014  / 19.4.2017
> MODULE ORG; (* NW  18.4.2016 / 4.4.2017
> I must have travelled in time?

The latest official sources are on Prof Wirth's ETH pages. You need to build
your system from these if you want the latest official version:


On my PC which was most recently synced with Wirth's site yesterday these
files have the following file modification dates and comments:

23.09.2017: MODULE ORP; (*N. Wirth 1.7.97 / 23.9.2017  Oberon compiler for
RISC in Oberon-07*)
07.04.2017: MODULE ORS; (* NW 19.9.93 / 20.3.2017  Scanner in Oberon-07*)
15.04.2017: MODULE ORB;   (*NW 25.6.2014  / 12.4.2017  in Oberon-07*)
07.04.2017: MODULE ORG; (* NW  18.4.2016 / 4.4.2017  code generator in
Oberon-07 for RISC*)

There were some short-lived changes to ORB.Mod in April 2017 that were
rolled back within a few days. That might explain the later date in your
version. You should run a file comparison over your copy of ORB.Mod with the
one on Prof Wirth's site to make sure you have the correct current

Unfortunately it appears that the news.txt file has been replaced with an
earlier version - the current latest entry is dated 20170211. The following
later entries which relate to the compiler changes are currently missing:

20170923 - OSP.Type0   "must point to named record"
20170419 - ORB.Mod.txt updated - changes of 13.4. undone
20170413 - ORB.Mod.txt updated    see procedures  Import and Export
20170406 - ORP.expression0, ORB.ObjDesc, ORS.HexString, Texts.Scan 

As for 3rd-party copies of sources:

1. Mirrored links to the individual files on the ProjectOberon site would
obviously be up to date. 

2. You would need to contact the maintainer of any other repository if you
have queries about their versions of the sources.

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