[Oberon] FPGA - nRF24L01 `RPI Net' server

Tomas Kral thomas.kral at email.cz
Tue Jun 12 10:41:19 CEST 2018

On Wed, 30 May 2018 11:23:15 +0200
Jörg <joerg.straube at iaeth.ch> wrote:

> With your change of ARC=15 and SendTries (most probably still at 50),
> SubSnd tries to send those 32 bytes 750 times until it gives up. 750
> is perhaps a little high!


I have done new tests with PI3, and vs old PI1 I now have `0'

Also test file NRF.Mod (6158 bytes) now gets across under 1 sec.

Cannot explain why is that, but hopefully the experience with PI1 led
me to a better coding?

Tomas Kral <thomas.kral at email.cz>

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