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> ARM Thumb-1 may do for the time being. For now. I only want to see
> how *fast* I can port my N-th compiler backend correctly.
> Prof. Wirth once said he did the ARM port  in about a month or so
> over Christmas  - although I can t remember which one, but he may (?)
> have been referring to the DECStrongARM DS1035 used in his model
> helicopter project back some 20+ years ago .
> Well, this means it ll take me at least 2-3x that ;-) Or more...

That's probably a realistic estimate assuming he was working fulltime on it. It took me about 120 man-hours of effort to get 'blinker' working on Cortex-M3 and then another 120 man-hours to develop the libraries, peripheral controllers, and thoroughly test it and document it before it was all released. The project was started in July 2011 and it was finished in April 2012 - the 2011 revision of the Oberon report came right in the middle of this development so I was sidetracked for a while getting the language changes implemented ;-)

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