[Oberon] Oberon board availability

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 31 19:52:17 CEST 2018

   > I just asked whether Chris used the most recent official compiler which
   > is now the same between Experimental Oberon and the NW version. I
   > hope he did, but I would not be surprised if the version slipped back to
   > before the EO/NW merger. 

Just to restate it again: There is no such thing as an “official Oberon -
Experimental Oberon compiler merger” (at least not that I am aware of..)

The EO just happens to be based on the latest version of the official
Oberon compiler, which was last updated on 22.7.2018.

The EO compiler is NOT compatible with the official one (different object
file format), and (now) offers some additional features that are not
implemented in the official compiler (nor do I expect them to be added
there anytime soon = never?), including:

- Numeric case statement
- No access to intermediate objects within nested scopes
- Forward references and forward declarations of procedures
- Exporting and importing of string constants
- Generic heap allocation procedure NEW(p, size)
- Module contexts

It’s amazing: We all have used source code control systems since
years or decades, but when it comes to Oberon, we do time travel
back to the 80s and are down to email..


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