[Oberon] NAstrobe for RISC5 on Pepino

Tomas Kral thomas.kral at email.cz
Tue Jul 31 20:32:05 CEST 2018

On Tue, 31 Jul 2018 13:37:56 +0000
"Skulski, Wojciech" <skulski at pas.rochester.edu> wrote:

> Wonderful. You are aware that the compiler has been very recently
> merged with Experimental Oberon? Is yours the same as the latest
> official compiler?


Trying to catch up with the post, I do not quite understand the
compiler merge, as the last oberon revision reads:
20180720 - Update compiler: ORP.Mod.txt and ORG.Mod.txt
  Cash for base adr of global variables "curSB" has been removed from
ORG.Mod. Removal of this optimization makes compiler simpler.

No mention of merging two development trunks?

Tomas Kral <thomas.kral at email.cz>

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