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Bill Buzzell captbill279 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 06:13:01 CEST 2018

Wojtek wrote:
'The CudaText page ends with a statement " In our tests, the program worked
correctly and also proved to be simple to handle on computers even with
minimal hardware resources."

What is "minimal"? Can it run on Pepino with 1 meg RAM. like the
ProjectOberon can?'

CudaText is a text editor geared for programming languages. It is much
like Eclipse, GEdit, Geany, Notepad+ etc. etc. CudaText is outstanding
in that it is all Pascal based and is open source via the Lazarus
project. Plus, the text editing capabilities are second to none and
based on the same SynEdit component that Lazarus and Delphi utililize
in their editors. It is also under active development, improving every

CudaText would be a good start to integrate Oberon, Lola-2, and even
PicL into a highly integrated package so you would have one editor for
the FPGA (Lola-2) and also the programs/apps to run upon the FPGA
design. Integration with the ProjectOberon emulator would allow 1
button compiling. Would also be nice to have a serial link to compile
directly onto the Pepino, for example.

Lot's of potential with CudaText.
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