[Oberon] NAstrobe for RISC5 on Pepino

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Thu Aug 2 14:28:25 CEST 2018

>> You had also once reported to have implemented New(addr,
>> size) allocator. Is it also part within that 10% of your compiler
>> extension?

>No. 'addr'? That is something I would NOT encourage.


  could you please remind me how I can handle the following situation. On the RiskFive board I used the Ethernet chip type Wiznet W5300. It is a memory-mapped peripheral, which works like ASRAM. In other words, a piece of memory. I could handle it like this:

WizMemArrayPtr := New (W5300_address, W5300_size);

where W5300_address is hardwired in the FPGA decoder, and W5300_size is a constant from the W5300 data sheet.

It would be a very clean and natural programming. But it is not supported. What are the alternatives? I guess SYSTEM. But why? The line of code above is nice, clear, and clean.

Remembering that FPGA Oberon System is meant for close integration with hardware, without the intermediary kernel written in some other "very improper language", I would expect the constructs like this to be provided, well supported, and encouraged. If this is not the case, then maybe it should be?


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