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Tomas Kral thomas.kral at email.cz
Wed Oct 24 21:38:46 CEST 2018


Thank you.

> take the BITMAPCOREHEADER (12 byte) instead of the
Yes, my BMP definition is bit vague, where is `BITMAPCOREHEADER'

> One problem is, your color table is wrong:
> or generally
> WriteInt(00rrggbbH);

True, I now swap BB for RR and the map looks good hopefully or at
least is better, but indices are still wrong, I guess I need to either
rearrange the nibble indices, or reshuffle map order, somehow? 

(* swap BB for RR*)
m := m MOD 100H * 10000H + m DIV 10000H + m DIV 100H MOD 100H * 100H;
(*can get it shorter?*)

Map is in this order, same in which `E' letters are put out.

 00000000  black
 00000080  dark red
 00008000  green
 00008080  yellow
 00800000  deep blue
 00800080  magenta
 00808000  cyan
 00808080  grey
 00C0C0C0  light grey
 000000FF  red
 0000FF00  light green
 0000FFFF  light yellow
 00FF0000  blue
 00FF00FF  light violet
 00FFFF00  light cyan
 00FFFFFF  white

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