[Oberon] Updated RISC5 firmware

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Thu Oct 25 17:08:32 CEST 2018


> You are looking in the wrong place.
> Refer to Section 16.2.2 'Multiplication' in the Project Oberon
> documentation.

I know the documentation. However, there is, or should be, a difference between the book and the distribution. The former is more static than the latter. We can see it in the Linux land: the books are updated every couple years, while the distributions change monthly. The situation is somewhat similar in the Wirth land. The distribution gets updated more often than documentation. I just pointed out the examples. 

> Refer to Section 17.2.2 'The Mouse' in the Project Oberon documentation.

I was puzzled not so much by these modules, which I know, but by their grouping on the web page. I would expect that dividing files into groups means something. It turns out, not quite.

BTW, There is also MouseM.v in Pepino distribution. It is absent in NW distribution.

>> How can I force my students to comment their source code when they
>> can see this situation?
> Don't. Encourage them to write good design documentation with illustrations,
> tables etc. instead, using the comprehensive Project Oberon documentation as
> an example.

Great idea, but it is based on an assumption that a programmer is also blessed with good technical writing skills. Realistically, such an expectation is seldom met. Realistically, good quality documents are unlikely to materialize despite your advice, which I support in principle.

BTW, if you compare MouseP.v with MouseX.v, you will see comments in one file but not in the other.

Thank you,

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