[Oberon] FPGA - Display.Mod 4-bit colour

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Oberon's strength is that everything is Text. So, you can edit a text and
can activate that text as command to modify or enhance the OS.
This a totally different paradigm than "normal" OSes (like Windows or Linux)
use, where you have the control interface (text-based terminal or
visuals-based GUI) and a text editor, that has nothing to do with
controlling the OS.

The weakness of this approach is, when you want to introduce a GUI to
Oberon, the GUI has to fit somehow into this paradigm; the GUI should not be
something separate from the text like in Windows or Linux, but it has to be
part of the (text) system.

To do that you have to modify the whole system. There are two different
approaches used in different Oberon systems:
1) Introducing Objects.Mod, the base module everything else is based on. So,
Texts are Objects, Files are Objects, Gadgets are Objects etc. Basically
everything is inherited from Objects. This is the approach Oberon System 3
aka ETH Oberon took.
2) Introduce non-ASCII objects in Texts/TextFrames. So, basically all GUI
elements are coded as special characters in the text you can copy, delete
and activate and so on.
This is the approach Oberon V4 aka Linz Oberon took.

Porting modules from one Oberon GUI approach to the other Oberon GUI
approach needs A LOT OF work.
- The Gadget system is part of ETH Oberon.
- Dialogs is part of Linz Oberon.

FPGA ProjectOberon is closer to Linz Oberon (V4) than to ETH Oberon (S3).
So, looking into Dialogs makes more sense than looking into Gadgets.
Here the zipped source of Dialogs:
But to use Dialogs you need to rework Texts/TextFrames first... This is
something for advanced programmers.


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> A more thorough package would be Dialogs by Markus Knasmuller. They 
> require Oberon-2, if I am not mistaken. If so then Dialogs would need 
> to be somewhat reworked for Oberon-07.


Looking for pointer as where to get dialog sources.
Many thanks

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