[Oberon] ETH Oberon for ARM

Peter Matthias PeterMatthias at web.de
Thu Nov 1 19:26:37 CET 2018

Am 01.11.18 um 14:56 schrieb Oleg N. Cher:
> Dear all,
> what can you say about the Oberon compiler (OP2) for ARM target? (native 
> for Raspberry Pi, or for ARM Linux)
> I am interested in any implementation of the system ETH Oberon for ARM.

Have a look at http://oberon.wikidot.com/oberon-linux-revival-olr

The legacy version has the StrongARM based compiler, while ROP2-version 
is based on old OP2 compiler.

An ARM compiler for OBERON-07 with System ported to Linux is also 
available on that page.


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