[Oberon] FW: addition: Oberon V4 for Linux

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Fri Nov 2 17:49:14 CET 2018


> Or an FPGA Oberon with RISC-V core, a display with more bits and more memory.

How much memory do you need? Is 4 MB sufficient, partitioned into 1 MB for display and 3 MB for everything else?

Display will be 1k*768, 8 bits per pixel. These 8 bits can be used as is for 2-bit color per pixel with 2 bits unused, or full 24 bit color using 8 bits as an index into a color palette. The latter will be transparently handled by firmware.

Can your OP2 run with 3 megabytes RAM?


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