[Oberon] FW: addition: Oberon V4 for Linux

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
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  OP2 is Oberon-2. Both V4 and ETH Oberon use this compiler.

Oberon-07 is the original Oberon-1, with some changes to make it even more perfect than the original. Perfection is measured as a number of lines of code for compiler implementation. Smaller numbers are better.

Unfortunately, perfection is impacting practicality, according to the formula (perfection+practicality) = const. If you add to one, you automatically subtract from the other one.

This is illustrated when you compare Linz V4, which is very practical, with the new 2013 Oberon System, which is very perfect.

So I am asking whether 4 megabytes of RAM is sufficient to run the OP2 compiler, after 1 MB is devoted to display?

The 1MB can be somewhat reduced if we accept 4 bit color, or 800*600 display. Then we can have almost all 4 MB to run the compiler. 

So how much memory does OP2 truly need? 


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> This is exactly the picture I would like to see running on FPGA
> Oberon, but we would need an RISC5 OP2 compiler for this.

Perhaps I need to be explained, OP2 = Oberon-2 compiler vs Oberon-7?

What compiler is for System-3, my other picture I sent, what they
differ in grammar?

Also there is some effort with A2.Bluebottle Fox crosscompiler.
Little confused here as usual.

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