[Oberon] SYSTEM Modules

Richard Hable informujo at aon.at
Thu Nov 15 20:11:47 CET 2018

On 15.11.18 11:45, Chris Burrows wrote:

> ORD is not always on the safe side. The same argument applies to ORD(setval) as SYSTEM.VAL(INTEGER, setval) does it not?

I picked a bad example. In my (old) language report ORD was only
appliable to CHAR, but in Oberon 07 it also supports SET and BOOLEAN.

Thus, the language is now committed to a set implementation which allows
safe conversion between SET and INTEGER values. For better or worse...

On the other hand, no such guarantee is made for most other conversions
possible with SYSTEM.VAL—let's say SYSTEM.VAL(BOOLEAN, setval).


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