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> Hi,
> In Linz Oberon accessing/setting mouse pointer is done as pure
> assignment, e.g.
> Oberon.Pointer.X := m.x + x;
> y := Oberon.Pointer.Y;
> How can this be coded in PO2013, System V?

Read section 9.2 Keyboard and Mouse in the Project Oberon 2013
documentation. That tells you how to read the x and y values.

I haven't tried it but I guess you could reverse the process that Mouse
performs if you want to set the x and y values:

1. Look for the procedure Mouse in Input.mod. 

2. Refer to Fig 9.1. 'Format of the mouse register' to work out how to
encode your x and y values into an integer (w, say) and then call
SYSTEM.PUT(msAdr, w) where msAdr = -40.

Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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