[Oberon] PO2013 - Oberon mouse location

Jörg joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
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With "remote-control" I was only thinking of some macro capabilities, so you
can record mouse strokes and mouse and can replay them again later on.
Your way of thinking is much broader.
Typically, to not use to much bandwidth, only screen updates (not the full
screen contents) are transmitted. And possibly even compressed.
However this is not a "normal" functionality, the Oberon system offers out
of the box.


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>Input.Mod (as is) is unfortunately not prepared to re-play neither 
>keyboard strokes nor mouse movements.
>Re-play functionality would allow to remote-control the Oberon system.
>Implementing a hook in Input.Mod to do so would be possible....

A remote Oberon desktop would be very interesting. This would require a
remote Display. How to approach it? I can see three problems: 

1. Display is memory-mapped in local memory frame buffer which is tightly
integrated both hardware and software-wise. How to move this to a remote

2. Mouse is a low bandwidth peripheral. Graphics is high bandwidth. How to
remap graphics to a remote machine w/o consuming a lot of bandwidth?

3. Security. 

Any thoughts?

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