[Oberon] LNO for Android?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 04:14:35 CET 2018

This is the sociology & cognitive-science background to my
 LNO4andrd query - to follow. Sociology trumps [our]
 technology - in the short run.
As you would know: Oberon features no where in the list-of-languages.

Nor does `wily` my other 90s PARC-inspired most versatile utility -
 in this FB/twitter climate.

Let's recognise that Oberon has survived the change-of-architectures.

To operate at the boundry of my cognitive abilities: I need a.
<menu-based = recognise instead of needing-to-remember> system.
ETHO and wily gives me this..

When I previously wrote that humans "remember only 3 to 7 items,
and birds can't distinuish between 2 or greater-than-2 people,
D.D. replied "no they remember scores of locations of hidden-food".
But that's because they use ASSOCIATIVE inference of their
<ETHO menu-tree> - like I do, when it's happily available!

For me, [I haven't researched how other's brains work] COLOR,
eg. syntax-coloring for unfamiliar languages/concepts helps operating
at my limit of comprehension. That's why I need LNO. Also the superior
LEO doesn't run on 64bit, and OLR tested without color for me.

Test logs of LNO for Android: to follow.


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