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Hi Tomas

Every module will have its own local "method" RECORD. A pointer to it will
be copied to the "do" field after the instance creation.
Dialog Objects will initialize its "method" RECORD with the base procedures.
Dialog Texts will call the init procedure of Dialog Objects to initialize
its "method" RECORD with the base procedures. Afterwards will overwrite some
(or all) of the procedure with the own ones.


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I am now recoding `Dialog Texts' which is one of the item type descendants
from `Dialog Objects'.

It inherits methods from Dialogs plus it adds some of its own.

IMethods* = POINTER TO IMDesc;

IMDesc* = RECORD (Dialogs.OMDesc) (*base object method descriptor*)
  (*Copy*: PROCEDURE(t: Item; VAR dup: Dialogs.Object);*) (*override*)
  GetText*: PROCEDURE(t: Item): Texts.Text;
  SetSelection*: PROCEDURE(t: Item; beg, end: LONGINT);
  RemoveSelection*: PROCEDURE(t: Item);
  (*Draw*: PROCEDURE(t: Item; x, y: INTEGER; f: Display.Frame);*)
  (*Print*: PROCEDURE(t: Item; x, y: INTEGER);*) (*not implemented*)
  (*Handle*: PROCEDURE(t: Item; f: Display.Frame; VAR msg:
Display.FrameMsg);*) (*override*) END;

ItemDesc* = RECORD (Dialogs.ObjectDesc)
  f: TextFrames.Frame;

VAR m (*self*), m0 (*base*):  IMethods;
  t: Item; o: Object;

To call (base) object methods I do e.g.
t.do.GetDim (t, x, y, w, h);
t.do.Draw (t, f.X + x, f.Y + f.H + y, f);

To call (self) item specific methods I do e.g.
CASE o OF Item: t1 := o(*Item*).do(IMethods).GetText (o(*Item*)); It seems
that without `CASE' I need to do more typeguarding.

The above compiles, not sure if alright though. However, I seem unable to
clone m and initialise m0, with base methods' pointers.

Dialogs.Clone(m:(*self Dialogs.OMethods*)); Dialogs.Get(m0:(*base

I just need `do*:' pointing to a descriptor holding base pointers plus new
methods pointers.

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