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1)  Are your examples available for download? 

2) Having such components begs a question of system integration. Namely, how to add one of these or several to a firmware System On Chip? What are the interfaces? What are the rules? How to add a software driver or drivers after adding the FW components?  The latter mostly means the rules for defining registers and their addresses.

Here I can point out the Pong P. Chu's approach from his newest SoC books, where he defined an FPro framework enabling an organized approach to adding firmware components and define their address maps. Another well known example is Wishbone. Comparing the two, FPro is simpler and it likely covers most of the needs.

On the other hand, NW/PR design was simply a "top level file" where they interfaced whatever components they had, without a formal set of rules how to add new components. Please correct me if I am wrong.

So now you/we have your firmware components which can be used in the custom firmware SoC. Do we have the rules how to assemble such an SoC, using these components?

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PS: Perhaps we should change the topic from "Real time measurement" to "PO2013 System On Chip", or "PO2018 System On Chip".

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That’s a good summary. Another way of looking at it is what devices are available for each protocol – that may well decide what you have to use. E.g. we have developed Oberon examples for the following:


7-Segment LED
Newhaven 128 x 32 LCD Display
Nokia 132x132 LCD Display
AdaFruit  128x160 TFT Display
Maxim Real-time Clock (unusual – most are I2C)


MicroChip 8K EEPROM
Honeywell Digital Compass
TI Digital Temperature Sensor
Bosch 3-axis Accelerometer

Chris Burrows

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