[Oberon] a module a page (keeps the mind sane)?

Frans-Pieter Vonck fp at vonck.nl
Wed Dec 19 17:22:33 CET 2018

> Every time I search/read the book, it tends to become smaller;
I was trained to do my technical writing the Pyramid way.

And I just met a russian programmer who had learned the visual language 
Drakon is fun:

Programming in Modula (Oberon) one needs no flow charting, according to 
However I feel comforable with drawing sketches with pencil and paper.


eas lab schreef op 2018-12-19 02:30:
> As always: better take a top-down-view.
> The screen/page contents is subservient to the Human Cognition.
> Eg. this current WebBased gmail is far inferior to our 90's 
> NativeOberon:
> - I can't see the email thread's Subject/Title. N.O. shows such vital
> info ALWAYS in the TopFrame.
> - If you need to have simultaneous sight of multiple sections of a
> textFile, N.O. does it. Products of this F/B twitter age can't.
> There's a problem of proliferation of fileNames and DirectoryTree
> structure, if every bit of info is to get its own file.
> When re/searching a new topic: I create a single <BookFile> with the
> SectionTitles at the top. Which is another example of needing to view
> 2 sections of a file together:
>  see the top-ContentsDescription, while CopyPaste to autoSearch for
>  the required section.
> Every time I search/read the book, it tends to become smaller; by
> deletions of the terrible redundancy of web-publications.

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